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  • Thin vs. Fat

    The long battle of "thin versus fat" has commenced. From all appearances, Google is angling to end Microsoft's hegemony by disrupting fat client computing on the desktop. The target: none other than Microsoft Office. The weapon of choice: browser-based, thin client applications.
    In today's Internet-centered world, the desktop is already becoming little more than a terminal for people on the go. Why should documents and key applications be locked into just one box? Why not move them to the Internet "cloud" so you can work from anywhere you happen to be, using whatever device you happen to have? And once you've sprung your documents from the PC prison, collaboration is just a click away. That's the implicit pitch behind Google Apps.

    Written by Randall C. Kennedy22 Nov. 07 22:00
  • Helen Robinson quits Microsoft

    Microsoft New Zealand managing director Helen Robinson is leaving the company.
    In a statement released on 21 September, Robinson announced she would officially leave Microsoft on 30 October 2007 to seek “new business challenges” after two years with the company.

    Written by Louis van Wyk20 Sept. 07 22:00