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  • Six versons of Windows 7

    Despite pleas from users to stop the confusion and craft one version of Windows 7, Microsoft is continuing down the path it followed with XP and Vista releasing multiple versions or SKUs (stock-keeping units) of Windows 7.

    Written by Shane O'Neill25 Feb. 09 22:00
  • The big Windows 7 problem

    Microsoft hopes that the release of Windows 7 will solve problems ranging from desktop clutter to what Vista did to Microsoft's public reputation. But the toughest challenge may be to win over the group of people that arguably represent the software giant's biggest obstacle to success: Windows XP users.

    Written by Shane O'Neill12 Jan. 09 22:00
  • Microsoft's three errors in 2008

    As the year winds down, financial analysts are predicting that Microsoft will pre-announce negative earnings for the first time since 2000 because of a flat PC market. But all things considered, 2008 was a pretty good year for the software giant.
    Windows is still used on 90 percent of computers and Internet Explorer on 70 percent. Despite growing Web-based competition, Microsoft Office saw 20 percent growth in Q1 of fiscal 2009 and the company's server and tools division grew by 23 percent in Q1 2009.

    Written by Shane O'Neill19 Dec. 08 22:00
  • The Microsoft OS that just won't die

    Phasing out an old operating system is nothing new for Microsoft, but Windows XP is unique in that it may be too good to die.

    Written by Shane O'Neill14 Dec. 08 22:00
  • Why is Office online taking so long?

    The announcement earlier this week that Microsoft would offer fully web-based versions of SharePoint and Exchange brought the software giant further into the fold of hosted application providers, allowing it to compete with competitors new (, Google) and old (IBM). But for Microsoft, even after the launch, some questions remained.
    The big one: Why will a fully web-based version of Microsoft Office not hit the browser until late 2009? Also, how will the emergence of hosted applications affect the company's business model, which garners a good chunk of its revenue from the high margins of installed, on-premise software?

    Written by C.G. Lynch19 Nov. 08 22:00
  • Microsoft moves to further embrace cloud computing

    The announcement by Microsoft early this week that it would sell online versions of its Exchange and SharePoint products to all its customers underscores the IT industry's shift towards cloud computing, where technology vendors host data on their own servers while customers access software through a Web-browser.

    Written by C.G. Lynch18 Nov. 08 22:00
  • Microsoft looks for silver lining in cloud computing

    When it comes to "cloud computing", there's the way most technology vendors are doing it, and then there's Microsoft's way.
    Google, and are just some of the emerging cloud-computing players who have proclaimed that an internet browser is all businesses need to tap into web-based software services.

    Written by Ben Woodhead10 Nov. 08 22:00
  • Ballmer eyes bright future

    Visiting Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer is a big guy with a
    footballer's presence and boisterous knack for resolving that

    Written by Narelle Hooper09 Nov. 08 22:00
  • Free Microsoft software for start-ups

    Microsoft is giving away free software to early-stage web start-up companies, as part of a worldwide programme called BizSpark.
    Essentially BizSpark aims to help startups get off the ground by providing production licences and technical support for several Microsoft products.

    Written by James Niccolai and Divina Paredes05 Nov. 08 22:00
  • Ballmer on cloud computing, virtualisation and more

    CIO: I'm just going to run through these questions now because we have literally just 20 minutes. I'm going to fire them off -- is that OK for you?
    Steve Ballmer: Great.

    Written by Martin Veitch29 Oct. 08 22:00
  • Using SharePoint to show customer risks

    When Microsoft SharePoint 2007 began pervading the enterprise more than a year ago, many IT shops looked at how they could use the platform internally to help their employees collaborate on key projects and store documents in central repositories.

    Written by C.G. Lynch25 July 08 22:00
  • The world's largest corporate wi-fi network

    Just off State Route 520 in Redmond, Washington, you'll find Microsof's headquarters. To be sure, it's not the typical software vendor's corporate address - the beige building found in today's suburban office park never too far from a strip mall.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum03 May 08 22:00
  • Buying Yahoo may help Microsoft better its SaaS apps

    At the surface, Microsoft's US$44 billion offer to buy Yahoo centers around the company's need to compete for market share with Google in the online advertising space. But by combining Yahoo's expertise for creating Web-based applications with Microsoft's specialty in enterprise software, analysts are speculating whether or not the two companies could come up with an alternative to Google Apps and other software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.
    Microsoft's official statement about the purchase offer hinted at a broader motivation for the deal. "Our lives, our businesses and even our society have been progressively transformed by the Web," Ray Ozzie, chief software architect at Microsoft, said in the statement. "The combination of these two great teams would enable us to jointly deliver a broad range of new experiences to our customers that neither of us would have achieved on our own."

    Written by C.G. Lynch05 Feb. 08 22:00
  • Microsoft helps users to blot their IDs

    It turns out that Rorschach-style ink blots, the well-known images used in psychological testing, may provide an aide to enhance computer security.
    Technology giant Microsoft has launched a new tool using the ink blots to create personalised passwords for any website supporting the Open ID identity authentication platform.

    Written by Michael Crawford07 Jan. 08 22:00