Stories by Divina Paredes

Running on a full tank

It’s dusk and you’re driving along a country road in Blenheim when suddenly your beat-up but faithful Holden ute breaks down. You’re clueless: Battery? Transmission? You want to kick yourself for not getting it tuned up as you’d planned to do prior to the trip. Somehow, you never quite got round to it. You whip out your mobile phone and call the New Zealand Automobile Association for help …But what if you have to wait in a queue for 10 minutes because the operators are busy with similar requests for help?
After all, it’s a Labour Day weekend and half of the country’s population are out for a drive. Many others like you are off the beaten track and requesting roadside assistance.

Written by Divina Paredes30 June 03 22:00

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"Litigating in IT is like putting the gun to your own head and pulling the trigger," says Garry Collings, general manager IT development, Tranzrail, when asked why his organisation has not taken out IT insurance.
But in a business environment in which hacking, denial of service attacks and credit card fraud present serious risks to networked companies and e-businesses, insurance premiums may soon form an essential cost line in IT budgets.

Written by Divina Paredes30 June 01 22:00