Stories by Lucian Constantin

Popular download management program has hidden DDoS component, researchers say

Recent versions of Orbit Downloader, a popular Windows program for downloading embedded media content and other types of files from websites, turns computers into bots and uses them to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, according to security researchers.

Written by Lucian Constantin22 Aug. 13 17:29

Cisco patches serious vulnerabilities in Unified Communications Manager

Cisco Systems has released new security patches for several versions of Unified Communications Manager (UCM) to address vulnerabilities that could allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands, modify system data or disrupt services.

Written by Lucian Constantin22 Aug. 13 11:37

'League of Legends' account information and transaction records compromised

A portion of the North American user base of "League of Legends" (LoL) had its account information compromised by hackers, according to Riot Games, the company developing the popular online multiplayer game. Passwords and credit card numbers stored in encrypted form were accessed, as well as other details.

Written by Lucian Constantin21 Aug. 13 13:49

Cyberattacks second most common cause of severe EU wired Internet outages in 2012

Although cyberattacks caused just 6 percent of significant outages of public electronic communications networks and services in the E.U. last year, they affected more people than hardware failure, a much more common factor in service disruptions, according to a report from the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA).

Written by Lucian Constantin20 Aug. 13 14:36

Attackers use Ramnit malware to target Steam users

A new variant of the Ramnit financial malware is using local Web browser injections in order to steal log-in credentials for Steam accounts, according to researchers from security firm Trusteer.

Written by Lucian Constantin19 Aug. 13 15:39

More Android malware distributed through mobile ad networks

Mobile ad networks can provide a loophole to serve malware to Android devices, according to researchers from security firm Palo Alto Networks who have found new Android threats being distributed in this manner.

Written by Lucian Constantin13 Aug. 13 14:14

Chinese hacker group behind New York Times attack returns with updated tools

The Chinese hacker group that broke into the computer network of The New York Times and other high-profile organizations, including defense contractors, has launched new attacks following a few months of inactivity, according to researchers from security vendor FireEye.

Written by Lucian Constantin12 Aug. 13 15:07

Spy-proof enterprise encryption is possible, but daunting

Data encryption could help enterprises protect their sensitive information against mass surveillance by governments, as well as guard against unauthorized access by ill-intended third parties, but the correct implementation and use of data encryption technologies is not an easy task, according to security experts.

Written by Lucian Constantin13 June 13 21:18

Researcher creates proof-of-concept malware that infects BIOS, network cards

Security researcher Jonathan Brossard created a proof-of-concept hardware backdoor called Rakshasa that replaces a computer's BIOS (Basic Input Output System) and can compromise the operating system at boot time without leaving traces on the hard drive.

Written by Lucian Constantin29 July 12 19:48