Stories by Lucian Constantin

Malicious browser extensions pose a serious threat and defenses are lacking

Although the number of malicious browser extensions has significantly increased in the past year many security products fail to offer adequate protection against them, while others are simply not designed to do so, according to a security researcher.

Written by Lucian Constantin26 Sept. 13 12:44

Oracle adds long-awaited whitelisting capabilities to Java

Oracle added a feature in Java that lets companies control what specific Java applets are allowed to run on their endpoint computers, which could help them better manage Java security risks.

Written by Lucian Constantin12 Sept. 13 20:28

Email spam campaign distributes Android scareware

Android malware is following in the footsteps of Windows malware with attackers adopting some of the same distribution and monetization techniques despite the major differences between the platforms.

Written by Lucian Constantin10 Sept. 13 15:08

vBulletin users warned of potential exploit

The developers of the popular vBulletin commercial Internet forum software are investigating a potential exploit and advised users to delete the "install" directory from their deployments as a precaution.

Written by Lucian Constantin29 Aug. 13 22:19

Spear phishing led to DNS attack against the New York Times, others

The cyberattack that resulted in and some other high-profile websites being inaccessible to a large number of users Tuesday started with a targeted phishing attack against a reseller for Melbourne IT, an Australian domain registrar and IT services company.

Written by Lucian Constantin28 Aug. 13 14:41