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Nestle institute aims to develop packaging of the future

Nestle has set up a research institute to develop more environmentally friendly packaging for its products and reduce plastic waste, taking matters into its own hands rather than relying on its suppliers.

Written by Reuters13 Sept. 19 04:19

WHO welcomes Facebook pledge to curb anti-vaccine misinformation

After several months of talks with the WHO, Facebook has pledged to direct its users to "accurate and reliable vaccine information in several languages" on the WHO's website, the United Nations health agency said, "to ensure that vital health messages reach people who need them the most.''

Written by Reuters06 Sept. 19 06:09

YouTube to pay US$170 million penalty for collecting data on kids

Google, which is owned by Alphabet Inc, and its YouTube video service will pay US$170 million to settle allegations that it broke federal law by collecting personal information about children, the Federal Trade Commission said on Wednesday.

Written by Reuters05 Sept. 19 06:00

US counter-spies launch campaign against 'insider' threats

The office of the top US counterintelligence official is launching a campaign to alert government employees, contractors and the general public to "serious risks" of security breaches or violence posed by "insiders”.

Written by Reuters04 Sept. 19 05:46

Apple to stop default practice of keeping Siri recordings

Apple said that it will quit keeping audio for human review and instead let users opt in to having their audio reviewed if they choose. The company said it will still use computer-generated transcripts to improve Siri.

Written by Reuters29 Aug. 19 07:44

Peter Thiel's Founders Fund sells remaining Facebook shares

Early Facebook Inc backer, Founders Fund, has sold all of its holdings in the social media giant as part of a previously established trading plan by the venture capital firm's partner, Peter Thiel, according to a regulatory filing from late Monday.

Written by Reuters28 Aug. 19 06:44