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International committee calls for pause on false political ads online

Politicians can micro-target groups of voters on social media based on user data such as location, age and interests, a practice critics fear could intensify the effects of false or misleading information on certain groups and suppress voter turnout.

Written by Reuters08 Nov. 19 15:00

Microsoft rolls out new cloud tool for analysing business data

The tool is meant to help companies build out systems that analyze large amounts of data to make better business decisions, such as whether a digital marketing campaign is driving more traffic to stores and websites.

Written by Reuters05 Nov. 19 08:46

Phone apps can help boost physical activity

Apps that prompt users to stand up and move every hour or to aim for a certain number of daily steps do help people add movement and exercise to their daily routines, a recent trial suggests.

Written by Reuters25 Oct. 19 06:35

SAP teams up on cloud sales with Microsoft

The partnership, called "Embrace", will help clients to run operations hosted at remote servers supported by SAP's flagship S/4HANA database

Written by Reuters22 Oct. 19 03:51

Trio wins economics Nobel for science-based poverty fight

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said their work had shown how poverty could be addressed by breaking it down into smaller and more precise questions in areas such as education and healthcare, and then testing solutions in the field.

Written by Reuters16 Oct. 19 07:06

Scientists endorse mass civil disobedience to force climate action

In a joint declaration, climate scientists, physicists, biologists, engineers and others from at least 20 countries broke with the caution traditionally associated with academia to side with peaceful protesters courting arrest from Amsterdam to Melbourne.

Written by Reuters14 Oct. 19 07:03