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Amazon's Jeff Bezos commits US$2B to help homeless, pre-schools

The new philanthropic effort is called the Bezos Day One Fund, a nod to the executive's management philosophy that organisations must view every day with the fervour of a new start, or face stagnation and decline.

Written by Reuters14 Sept. 18 06:49

World Bank launches world-first blockchain bond

The prototype deal, dubbed a "Bondi" bond - standing for Blockchain Operated New Debt Instrument as well as a reference to Australia's most famous beach - is being viewed as an initial step in moving bond sales away from manual processes towards faster and cheaper automation.

Written by Reuters24 Aug. 18 05:48

Mark Zuckerberg admits Facebook has made mistakes

​Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Wednesday that his company made mistakes in how it handled data belonging to 50 million of its users and promised tougher steps to restrict developers' access to such information.

Written by Reuters22 March 18 09:30

Hackers steal Joint Strike Fighter plans during cyber attack

​A hacker stole non-classified information about Australia's Joint Strike Fighter programme and other military hardware last year after breaching the network of a defence contractor, the defence industry minister said on Thursday.

Written by Reuters12 Oct. 17 12:23