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Office of the future to open in Berlin

​Employees will not need a key to get into the office of the future when it opens in Berlin this year, featuring ample meeting space, plenty of copy machines always stocked with paper along with high-quality air processed to maximise worker health and minimise sick time.

Written by Reuters06 Jan. 19 16:13

Data belonging to German politicians published online in breach

Personal data and documents from hundreds of German politicians and public figures including Chancellor Angela Merkel have been published online in what appears to be one of Germany's most far-reaching data breaches.

Written by Reuters05 Jan. 19 13:20

Cyber attack hits US newspaper distribution

A cyber attack caused major printing and delivery disruptions on Saturday at the Los Angeles Times and other major U.S. newspapers, including ones owned by Tribune Publishing Co such as the Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun.

Written by Reuters30 Dec. 18 17:09

SpaceX halts US satellite launch for national security mission

A successful launch would be a significant victory for Musk, a billionaire entrepreneur who spent years trying to break into the market for lucrative military space launches, long dominated by Lockheed and Boeing Co.

Written by Reuters19 Dec. 18 04:21

Huawei CFO accused of Iran sanctions cover-up

​Huawei Technologies Co Ltd's chief financial officer faces U.S. accusations that she covered up her company's links to a firm that tried to sell equipment to Iran despite sanctions, a Canadian prosecutor said on Friday, arguing against giving her bail while she awaits extradition.

Written by Reuters10 Dec. 18 08:48

Top Huawei executive arrested on US request

The daughter of Huawei's founder, a top executive at the Chinese technology giant, was arrested in Canada and faces extradition to the United States, stirring up fears it could reignite a Sino-U.S. trade row and roiling global stock markets.

Written by Reuters07 Dec. 18 09:33

Australia passes bill to force tech firms to hand over encrypted data

When it becomes law, Australia will be one of the first nations to impose broad access requirements on technology firms, after many years of lobbying by intelligence and law enforcement agencies in many countries, particularly the so-called Five Eyes nations

Written by Reuters07 Dec. 18 07:45