Stories by Peter Sayer

Secusmart puts its BlackBerry encryption chip to work on the desktop

At around €2,000 (US$2800) each, the secure smartphones that SecuSmart showed at Cebit last year were out of reach of many businesses -- although three governments have since bought them to secure mobile phone calls between senior officials, according to CEO Hans-Christoph Quelle. Now the company has developed a less expensive and more flexible system intended for the enterprise, and has extended the reach of its mobile system to secure VOIP calls on desktop phones.

Written by Peter Sayer14 March 14 16:54

Startups vie to evaluate credit risk using Facebook profiles

Two companies using Facebook profiles to generate credit scores, their stands side by side at Cebit, are chasing different customers -- although they are competitors in the trade show's Code_n startup contest.

Written by Peter Sayer11 March 14 17:57

Intel puts its energy into smart grid development in Germany

Intel is putting its energy into the development of smart grid standards and monitoring systems in Germany, with company executives announcing a number of initiatives at the Cebit trade show Monday.

Written by Peter Sayer10 March 14 20:45

Fujitsu says its all-in-one PC-phones cut power consumption for UC

Unifying communications (UC) by replacing separate PCs and telephones with a PC equipped with a headset and some telephony software can sound like a great idea until the first electricity bill for those always-on PCs comes in. Fujitsu hopes to end that bill shock with an always-on multimedia PC for businesses that features a special power-saving mode.

Written by Peter Sayer09 March 14 23:24