Stories by Cynthia Brumfield

The race for quantum-proof cryptography

Lawmakers briefed on quantum computing’s threat to encryption and the urgent need for mathematical research.

Written by Cynthia Brumfield10 Dec. 19 22:00

Why the Huawei ban is bad for security

Many believe the ban on exporting U.S. technology to Chinese company Huawei could hurt American tech vendors and do little to mitigate supply chain threats.

Written by Cynthia Brumfield13 June 19 20:00

Why local governments are a hot target for cyberattacks

Recent ransomware and other attacks underscore the value attackers see in the data stored in city and regional government systems. Here's why they are vulnerable and what they can do to reduce the threat.

Written by Cynthia Brumfield01 May 19 20:00

The cybersecurity legislation agenda: 5 areas to watch

The 116th Congress is only a few months old, but far-reaching cybersecurity bills to protect infrastructure and the supply chain, ensure election integrity, and build a security workforce are now being considered. Here’s the list.

Written by Cynthia Brumfield21 Feb. 19 22:00