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Drones are the new

Everyone, from Amazon to Google to Martha Stewart, has been lauding the benefits we'll all reap by the use of drones, and there's a gold rush on to cash in on the technology. But beware: The trend has all the hallmarks of a bubble-in-the-making, the contemporary equivalent of that symbol of the excess of the millennial tech bubble, the now-defunct

Written by Preston Gralla09 Sept. 14 03:23

Should Microsoft kill Windows Phone?

It's been nearly four years since Microsoft first released Windows Phone, and what it has gotten after many millions of dollars in development and marketing costs, plus its $US7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia, is this: a worldwide smartphone market share of less than 3 per cent. And that number has been going down, not up.

Written by Preston Gralla29 Aug. 14 21:35

Windows 8 Will Be an Upgrade Failure, IDC Predicts

Windows 8 isn't even <a href="">in beta yet</a>, but IDC is already predicting that very few PC owners will upgrade from Windows 7 to it. And that's just for a start -- the company also predicts that <a href="">Windows 8 tablets</a> look to be a bust as well.Those predictions are contained in a new report, <a href="">"Worldwide System Infrastructure Software 2012 Top 10 Predictions."</a>

Written by Preston Gralla07 Dec. 11 00:38

Technology focus: Document imaging systems

It's rare that a single technology can reduce expenses, help deliver better care, decrease the time patients spend in hospitals, and save time for healthcare professionals.

Written by Preston Gralla21 Sept. 04 20:57